Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Genie Wordart

I made 2 different wordarts
Download → Here

Lysisange-ChiliDesignz CT Tags and Snags

Lysisange "Djamila 1" → S&Co
Chili Designz "Djamila" →  S&Co

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Sea Maiden Wordart

Sea Maiden
Download → Here

Alehandra Vanhek-QTSQ Suzie CT Tags and Snags

Alehandra Vanhek "Sea Shell Coral" → S&Co
QTSQ Suzie "Sea Shell Coral" → S&Co

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Pirate Wordart 3

I made 3 different wordarts
Download → Here

Alehandra Vanhek-Rieneke Designs CT Tags and Snags

Alehandra Vanhek "Treasure Hunt 2" → S&Co 
Rieneke Designs "Pirate Captain" → S&Co

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Monday, September 11, 2017

CT Tags - TD Fucken Trickster 2 With Snags

Toxic Desirez "Fucken Trickster1" → Here
1st tag with Artist Ismael Rac tube Here
 1st tag w/tube alternate Elias Chtzoudis tube Here
2nd tag with Artist Elias Chatzoudis tube Here

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